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Web Design – Modern Style With a Vintage Twist

Nowadays, all the hype about Web design is combining elements of modern Web design with a vintage twist. This retro style of web design fits the mold perfectly for a business looking to score big points in the trendy market of graphic and Web design. Modern Web design emphasizes a few key elements, such as clear and distinct lines in a page. With the introduction of the CSS styling of div elements, many WordPress themes and freelance Web designers took it upon them to layout a page with the traditional modern approach: header, body and footer. It is simple, clean and elegant.

Within that scope, we have seen an explosion of media orientated Web design elements. One vastly growing cliche is the oversized header logo, which has grown popular on many modernly designed websites. This growth is most likely indicative of companies who are seeking to revamp or redo a website and want to be on the cutting-edge of what is hot, although with the prevalence of oversized logos, who knows what the next step may be.

We also know that flash elements, particularly flash-based design is very popular. Many artistically merited websites are employing the use of flash as the primary driving force of their navigation. Moreover, other enterprises were soon to follow, as companies discussed on to the idea of ​​employing flash for their Web design.

However, how has all of this change? We know that oversized logos and flash elements are the modern elements of design now, along with the infamous jQuery and dynamic html. Well, graphic designers are realizing the need to be unique in their approach. Therefore, vintage in this case mostly deals with designers who implement stylistic changes of past decades in their art.

Take the approach of marketing in commercials now. Overall, a look that is more film-grained, with natural lighting and a less-refined approach to post-processing seems to be the popular motif of TV commercials, at least the higher-budget ones. Well, designers are taking a similar approach. I am sure you are familiar with the denim-textured blog, or the sunburst logo, all of which are throwbacks to vintage elements contained within a modern design.

Taking that vintage twist a little further will equal an entire WordPress blog filled with the trophies of olden-times, as some "trendy-little-blog" sites will feature a thematic approach to combining the vintage with the modern. Parchment paper, quills, notepads, grunge-effects and faded backgrounds permeate the air of these sites, and most certainly elaborate on the trendy-twist of modern meeting vintage.

All of this speaks to trying to captivate an audience already enamored with the status-quo of design. After all, one can arrive at so many blog sites before they get the general seasickness of wanting to see a bit more variety. As well, adding vintage elements to modern design is always a hip idea and can add pizzazz and uniqueness to a world of rarely designed websites.

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