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Web Design Ranking

Good web design is the probably the most important factor in helping a site get a good search engine ranking. Websites that follow good design practices and offer unique content receive a higher ranking from search engines.

When evaluating the credibility of a website, visitors are more often affected by the design of the site, than any other feature. Elements of the visual design, including layout, typography, white space, images and color schemes, make an impression on the credibility of the site. Professionally done graphics create an impression of higher quality, impressing many visitors who make snap judgments based on the appearance of a website.

For a web design to receive a high search engine ranking, the objectives of creating the web site must be clearly defined and understood. The site should be designed in a manner that is oriented towards fulfilling these objectives.

The size of the website also has a huge impact on web rankings. Search engines love content, so if a site has only a few pages, it's difficult to obtain a top search ranking for that site.

The proper use of HTML meta tags is essential. A website that is regularly updated will maintain a good ranking, while websites that offer the visitor a more aesthetically pleasing experience may seem like the best option, they are often the most difficult to optimize for search engines. Search engine robots can not read text that is part of a graphic or animation and they might see just a small amount of text. A good amount of text content is highly recommended.

Getting top web design rankings can move your website to the prime location on search engines for key search terms. Anyone can have a great looking website. However, if no one can find it, it serves no purpose. It would be like building the most beautiful house ever created, but having no doors to let anyone in.

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