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Web Design SEO: Top 10 SEO Tips For 2013

1. Create unique content

Everyone knows that content is an essential for SEO and it has to be fresh and unique, because this is what people and search engines want. If your content is unique and valuable for your website users, you will attract more readers naturally and receive due credit from search engines.

2. Create variety in your link building

Variations in link building will increase your backlinks naturally. Use a variety of strategies instead of one. Continually publishing guest posts on the same websites will ultimately be perceived as low quality. Instead, spread the risk and acquire links from various sites.

3. Implement semantic mark up

Addition of semantic mark up through snippets on your site may possibly improve your click through rates. This would highlight specific information like customer testimonials or your photograph with search results and get you more potential users.

4. Using different anchor text

Create diversity in your internal and external anchor text to avoid being flagged by search engines. A website that uses exactly the same anchor text repeatedly will be flagged. You can use variations of the same keywords, descriptive text or organisation names for anchor texting in links.

5. Create diversity in traffic sources

Undoubtedly, Google is the leading search engine, but the frequent updates in algorithms can penalise your site. Instead on depending only on Google, diversify your online traffic sources. You will thus be able to protect yourself in the event of any such events and decrease your risk.

6. Optimisation for mobile users

By 2014, mobile browsing is predicted to exceed desktop searches as increasing numbers of people are using smart phones and tablets. You need to optimise your site for these users, by creating a separate website for mobile users or by creating a customised design only for these users.

7. Get videos

Since a large proportion of internet users prefer videos to text, you need to provide them interesting ones. These videos can help you to rank better in search results. If your video gets numerous views and comments, you will attract a lot of transfer traffic to your site.

8. Optimisation for locals

Recent studies show that consumers are routinely using local searches. These users are conducting these online searches on the go, and you need to help them locate you. If you don’t facilitate this group, you could be sending them to your competitors.

9. Social media

The presence of a social media promotional strategy has a positive impact on SEO as it allows you to have a presence on various platforms to deliver messages about your website or company.

10.Improve user experience

SEO lays great emphasis on user experience. When a visitor lands on your site, elements such as bounce rates, site speed and average time spent, all determine your search result rank.

If in doubt, always consult with a professional website design company or freelance web designer for more expert advice.

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