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Web Design Service Providers – Web Developer, Graphic Designer or Web Designer?

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In: Website Development

As the demand of websites increase, the number of service providers goes on increasing.

Web designers seem to mushroom everywhere on the internet. Now when a business realizes how important it is to have a website, it becomes necessary to get a website. The business has two options; either develop the website without any professional assistance or avail the services of a professional web design service provider. Most of the businesses opt in for the latter alternative.

Now when you want to get the website prepared by a third party, you need to be very careful at selection of the service provider. The current website design market is such that everyone who know even a bit about website designing has jumped on to the bandwagon and claims to provide the best web design services.

Usually you will come across three types of professionals.

Web Developers

These professionals are usually concerned with the development of web applications that operate on a web browser form a web server. They are good at coding in various languages like HTTP.

The results of the services provided by these professionals prove to be good at functionality, speed, compatibility and validation. The resultant website may not be very appealing or attractive. The visual content especially the graphics may not be as expected. The website may be search engine friendly but may not be so user friendly.

Graphic Designers

These types of service providers are usually good at designing excellent visual content of the websites. They are excellent at converting the ideas of the business into graphic images and animations. The services of graphic designers is needed where a lot of visual creativity is needed especially website pertaining to kids toys, textiles, ornaments and cosmetics.

The result of the services of graphic designers is very attractive, but there are three negative aspects too. A lot of visual content can decrease the speed of downloading. This can have a negative impact on indexing of search engine list. On the other hand there is no use of an attractive website that fails to convert the visitor into a buyer.

Web Designers

These professionals are a blend of web developers and graphic designers. These professionals are good at not only coding and latest technology but also good at making the website attractive enough to be remembered for a long time.

When a web designer takes the task of designing any website, he/she approaches the task from the perspective of the user and not the website owner. The resultant website is user friendly as well as search engine friendly. The layout is simple and attractive. The navigation is made very easy so that the visitor finds it very easy to find what he/she is searching for.

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