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Web Design – Strategize to Sell

Optimization of a website is paramount for online businesses aiming at higher rankings and increased sales. This optimization should also be visible in the design of your site, as much as in content, meta elements, links, etc. You have to take care of the minimum of details and ensure that important search engine guidelines are deal with.

As a professional website designer, you can consider the following points when designing a site for your clients:

1) According to experts, it is advisable to avoid the excessive use of banner advertisements on your site. Most web users are uninterested in such flashy ads, and you'll actually be wasting your time, money and web space. Instead, use some important images or relevant content that'll actually help in pepping up your search engine rankings.

2) Avoid the use of splash pages on your website. These are the first pages displayed when one arrives at a website – example, the 'Welcome' page, or the 'Click here to Enter Site' page, etc. These pages, more often than not, turn users off, making them return from your site without delving further. If you wish to convert visitors into buyers, it is better to display the HOMEpage of your site directly.

3) Design your site's navigation in such a way that your visitors know which part of the site they are in and what to expect from it. If your internal linking is complicated, users will not be interested in scouting for information, and will simply move on to some other website.

4) Avoid having an overload of images, flash or frames. All these elements increase the download time of your pages and are of no help in the search engine indexing process.

5) Content matter plays a big role in website design. Text should be even spread on a page, and it should also be easily readable and understandable. And, more than anything else, it should be relevant to and informative about your product / service.

6) Just like content, colors, fonts and shapes should also be properly distributed all through the page. This will bring in uniformity as well as help users identify with the feel of your site.

7) As far as the coding part is concerned, a professional website design would be one that eases the process of crawling by making web pages accessible to search engines and users alike.

Paying attention to these tidbits will ensure that your website has all the ingredients of a competitive and saleable business site. Devise design strategies that sell, and you'll feel the difference almost instantaneously.

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