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Web Design – The Importance Of Planning A Website

From the earliest days of internet communication organizations and business individuals have clearly established the World Wide Web as being the most popular avenue in bringing themselves to the attention of customers.

Websites are basically created in a special code, or language known as Hyper Text Markup Language, better known to all as HTML. This language is what makes an internet website possible; This is the building block and allows for the structure. The structure of a website includes headings and even the type font of the text used.

HTML language writing is very time consuming and many new ways and HTML creation software programs have been developed to make the process of creating a website faster and easy. In fact one may develop an entire website without knowing a word of HTML. What separates … one website from another is the actual site design in both visual aesthetics and functionality.

There are many things that must be considered when planning a website. The sites intention or purpose must be considered as well as the sites targeted audience, content structure and many aspects of design compatibility. The site must be compatible to computer operating platforms and the abilities and benefits of the intended audience.

The first thing a website designer should ask themselves is why this site is necessary. The site designer should then create a statement that clarifies the purpose of the site and what visitors may expect to achieve from the site. This will inspire the site designer to plan and provide a detailed outline of how the site may be modified in the future should the need arise. It is best practice for web masters to plan with a long term objective.

The web site designer absolutely must create this site with the intended audience clearly in mind. A website designer should understand the reasons and motivation visitors will be entering this site and also consider if there may be enough attraction for these visitors to return again some time.

Often content is considered to be the most time consuming task in creating a website. Planning the content of a website is vital to a sites success. Usually it is best practice for the site designer to plan for regular changes in site content. Naturally this is particularly evident when the site deals with recent events and news and agendas. A websites content may also be used for best advertising of a particular product or service.

Certainly a website should be visually appealing, graphic should be crisp clean and attractive, but must not take a long time to appear to a website visitor. Many web masters consider a 5 second rule, some aim for less, but more is never recommended when it can be avoided.

Having a website compatible in all computer platforms and browsers is also very important. This is becoming even more essential in late days as the volume of computer savvy users grows and Internet Explorer is not the only name they know. This is a particularly tricky issue for website designers in finding the middle road and right code and commands that will display a page effectively in all browsers and platforms.

Websites have clearly shaped the way businesses are run today. Consumers are now purchasing a great many items online; having a website has become almost essential to a business today. A professional looking website will instill a sense of security for customers shopping on the internet, and without question, will attract a higher financial turnover.

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