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Web Design – The Psychology in the Background

Web designers need to study the psychology of the visitor prior to designing the websites. The designers need to understand that at the end of the day it is the client / customers that generate business by buying products or services offered through the websites. This means that when designing any website the designer needs to consider the psychological principles.

Most of the designers think that the psychological concepts are too complicated to be understood and applied to the process of web designing. In fact, it is quite simple and can be easily applied to web designing.

Visitor's Psychology

If the web design is based on the visitor's psychology, the web site can be designed in such a way that it appeals to the visitor to buy products or services that the website offers. When the web site is based on the visitor's psychology, the visitor is going to feel more comfortable at sharing his / her data like the name and email address.


A website can neither speak nor do presentations as any business representative. This means that making the visitor trust on the quality and financial transactions is not very easy. On the other hand if the behavior of the visitor is studied and then the product or service is presented on the website, building trust becomes quite easy. Design and language should be such that the visitor starts trusting the website.


At times consistency issue much for the visitors, because it links directly to building the trust and indirectly their conversion to being buyers. The color scheme and logo play a crucial role in maintaining the consistency. If consistency is not maintained there are chances that the element of doubt can set in the mind of the visitor and he / she may not be persuaded to buy the offers made through the website.

Purpose of visit

The visitors of any website visit it for some particular purpose. They would like to see the things for which they have logged on to that website. The purpose of the all those surf the internet varies because all of them do not search for the same thing. The eyes of the visitors always search for things that are of their interest. One can know what interests the visitor and what not only through the study of their psychology. If the products or services are mentioned on HOME page it can make a big difference in most of the situations, especially when the website is offering FMCG goods.


The psychological effect of the images is more than that of the text content of the website. Different types of customers or clients like different kind of images.


There are two types of trigger; emotional trigger and psychological triggers. These two types of triggers depend on the language and the graphics that you use in the web design. The triggers differ for different product or service range. If this can be deal with effectively, the website can generate a lot of business.

The color and the way the content is arranged play an important role in having an impact on the buying behavior of the visitor.

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