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Web Design: Top Tips On Revamping Your Existing Website

1) Change the color, design of the landing page : Visitors to the site who are using to the same page may get bored with it and do not come back, thinking the site has nothing new to offer. So changing the color or the background will give the indication that the site is active and maintained. Small changes will make a big difference in visitor retention.

2) Include data on the 'About us' page : Most visitors to a website check the 'about us' page for details about the owners. Including details like awards and presentations which were received recently will make the site more reliable and dynamic instead of looking out dated. Many people tend to fill their website with great content but tend to ignore the about us page. However, care should be taken to structure the page well.

3) Add clear contact information : When the contact information about the owners of the website is clearly stated in the website, it grants legitimacy to the site and the information provided. So take away the veil and type in the contact info.

4) Stay focussed: Determine what you would like your visitor to do when he reaches the landing page. If they are meant to sign up for a newsletter, then provide clear instructions for that. If they are required to buy a product then there should be well defined steps that will lead to the purchase. Most websites, over time, have a lot of apps that could cloud your website and confuse the visitor. Removing any additional widget and keeping the goal of the website focussed would deliver better results.

5) Re-organize : As time wears on and with additions to the website, some pages may get out of sync with the rest of the site. There may be changes to the font size and the color, maintaining uniformity will display a lot more authenticity. However, if you want to revamp the entire website then hiring a good graphic designer to do it will add a professional touch.

6) Include the latest info or news : People who visit the site and find the latest news or information will believe that the products and services are too the latest. The image that is put forth through the website is the image that the visitor will fix about the entire company.

7) Reply to comments : If you have provided the option of allowing visitors to leave their comments, then it is mandatory that you reply to them regularly. Most will be questions asking for more information or will be general comments about the product. Whatever the comment, it is best to reply to them which will provide visitors a platform to raise their views and encourage more visitors. This work may even be outsourced to a freelance graphic designer or graphic design company that handle web development, who could maintain your website on your behalf.

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