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Web Design – What is it Exactly?

Web design can be briefly defined as the ability to create a presentation that appears on a web page; it is then hoped that other individuals will have access to the web page of the web designer. Thus, the web designer believes that people who "surf" the web for topics will be able to come across his or her web pages.

Web pages themselves typically have a lot of material on them, such as pictures (eg, JPEG's, GIF's, etc.), scholarly information (eg, scientific articles or research studies), sounds (eg, WAV's, MP3's, etc.) music, graphs (eg, Microsoft Office data, etc.), and videos (eg, MOV's, AVI's, etc.). If a web designer wants to use highly advanced features, though, he or she is going to have to be proficient with Adobe Acrobat and possibly even Java.

Web pages themselves are either "static" or "dynamic". A static web page is one in which the information on a web page is not changed without a human being basically changes it. For example, if someone has a web page on dinosaurs but wants to include insects, he or she may go ahead and physically edit the content of the page (ie, static web page). A dynamic web page, on the other hand, is one in which a person surfing on the World Wide Web can have the ability to change.

For example, if a person is searching for information on the North Pole and comes across a website called "Wikipedia" in which information is obviously incorrect, and he or she corrects it for the website (ie, Wikipedia), then it is considered a dynamic web site. It is important to realize that neither static nor dynamic web pages are better than the other; rather, both are used in a variety of circumstances, whether the website is for a small task or a great task.

Problems relating to designing websites do arise, however. For example, it is important for a web designer to realize the issues of trademark and plagiarism. Many times the designer gets so caught up in the act of making a very unique, creative, and artistically beautiful website that he or she neglects to make sure that all the information on his or her website gives credit where credit is due.

Also, web designers need to make sure that they do not load their pages with too much information (eg, sounds, pictures, videos) that the individuals have a difficult time loading the website. If the website takes too long to load, there is a greater chance that a person will leave the website almost immediately. Thus, in forming a website, it is important for the web designer to understand not only the basics, but he or she should also understand everything holistically, too.

It is imperative to always get the finest web design service to operate on your company's web site. The cause for this is that your web site will be the first impression individuals see when they study about your corporation over the internet and it is important to always leave a wonderful first impression to would-be clientele and customers. After all, first impressions last!

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