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Web Design – You Get What You Pay For – Cheap vs Quality

Have you ever seen one of those advertisements stating that you could get a website designed for $199, or some company will create your web design for some outlandishly low sum of money? The adage “you get what you pay for” is very true, especially when it comes to web design! A cheap website is just that – a cheap website. Website design is exceedingly vital, particularly when you are advocating your company or association. Your web design will introduce your company or association to the world and I don’t believe a $199 effort would be a wonderful and effective testimony. It will have greater exposure than print would ever have an opportunity of doing and I doubt you would get far with that little sum of money in print! Web design can be and frequently is a lot less pricey than print in the end, but it is the most gainful way to promote your association in the long run.

Web design is a skill and a science that is gained over time. Not just anyone can do it and do it correctly; so it is critical that you approach your website designer and become acquainted with him or her. Some web designers are great artists, others are brilliant at code, a small amount are decent at SEO (search engine optimization) and even fewer are competent at each and every one of these areas. Most of the bigger web design companies maintain teams of individuals to make up for what each of their different designers may be deficient in. Certainly, common sense implies that the more people that are working on a web design, then the higher the cost will be. Now, just because a web design costs more than another doesn’t automatically suggest that the web design is better. This is where you want to talk to the actual designer who is designing your website and get to know them. Trusting your own wisdom and your own intuition goes a long way! You must like and have faith in your designer especially since you may be working with them for a long time. Website design is not a “fire and forget” business and it shouldn’t be; although quite a few designers these days are likely to function in that fashion unfortunately. For the majority of businesses the perfect scenario is when you have a web designer that can be close at hand anytime you need to make adjustments to your website.

The days of a stagnant website are over. In the ever-changing world of the web, a dynamic website is where the focus is. Website designs now require content that is ever-changing and continually updated. Events, inventory, images, news, blogs and several other features of your web design will need to be altered or updated frequently. The best situation is one where you have a content management system (CMS) and a website designer. The CMS will allow you to update important content without knowing any code and your web designer will be there if you need them to bail you out of something you broke or wrongly modified.

So what should all of this cost? It depends on several different factors. Several things affect this such as how many pages are needed, how much content will the customer provide and how much content will the web designer have to make and develop, how many images and graphics will have to be designed or manipulated, whether Flash and JavaScript are used or not, how many forms need to be designed and how complex will they be, and the list can go on endlessly. I would express that a decent web design will cost at least $1,000 and up. If you get a web design below $1,000 then you in all probability are not acquiring much if anything. For the most part, websites that are under $1,000 will more times than not be one page or a few pages at the most and be an extremely simple design. These extremely basic websites are what many would call a brochure site and you usually don’t attract much business from a brochure website. The majority of decent business websites will in all probability be approximately $2,000 to $3,000 and ecommerce would begin at approximately $3,000 to $5,000 and up. Larger company sites would begin at $5,000 to $10,000 and up. Thus if you spend $199, look forward to a $199 performance, if you spend $1,000 look forward to a $1,000 performance, and if you spend $3,000+ look forward to your site to appear, function and turn out like a high quality website design.

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