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Web Designer Tips: Best SEO Web Design Practices For 2013

Be unique

Do not copy garbage; instead get off the copycat bandwagon. Be the one with the distinct style that others try to copy. Signing up for Google alerts with your industry's keywords can get you the latest stories and news. Add innovation to the news story and make it exclusive. Being the first to break the story within your industry will make you unique and prominent.

Be original

Google's best SEO tip is that instead of copying content onto your webpage, make it original. The distinction between being original and being unique, is that to be unique, you should have something other people do not, while what you originate is original. Writing original content is fun and it really works. Authorship can increase ranking, since the term, author rank.

Authorship mark-up

Authorship mark-up has started having a major effect on Google and may also start affecting ranking too. Currently, your photo appears right next to your search results. Users prefer clicking on search results connected to actual people. This is a valuable SEO tip that you get to benefit from.


Branding is starting to influence search rankings and this impact is likely to become stronger. You can get your brand's webpage or the Google business page present with your result when people search for the brand. If you can brand on G ++, you will be able to connect with people in the same industry, possibly clients.


The basic SEO tip is to know specifically what you want. If your goal is to be at the top of a Google search, what will you achieve when that happens? SEO variants for each website. First determine what you would like your visitors to do, after which you can move on with optimizing your website accordingly. Because search engines prefer sites that have been optimized for people, make sure you have a call to action. On the other hand, you could simply want them to read your content.

Get results

If your SEO efforts you landed your site in the top spot of search results, how would that benefit you? If your site would provide options for visitor engagement, you could qualify for better placements in SERPs. If your most important focus is the top position on Google, you will not gain much because the final objective should involve the user.

Have a clear path

Most websites aim for increase in revenue. Create an obvious path if you know your direction. Follow all SEO strategies from an seo company or a web design company that can help you to achieve results. Not all websites are able to generate revenue, but many do. For very long, most websites were so busy trying to play with search engines that they disregarded the aspect of designing functional engagement for their online visitors. Instead of trying to be number one on Google, aim for higher conversion rates in turning visitors into

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