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Web Designer Tips: Essential Components For A Good Website …

Writing your website's specifications

You have the opportunity to get everything perfectly right when you commission a new website. Get your specifications documented specifically to define what sections should be incorporated into the design and what it should look like.

If you will be updating website content yourself, you would want it to be structured that way. The website should reflect your style by being personal, proficient and professional, be easy to navigate and have a clutter free, no-nonsense design. A very important element is having a mobile platform that offers a column view to smartphone and mobile phone users.

If your website targets current and potential clients, the contact information and testimonials are significant elements. The current trend is to have telephone numbers and your email address on every page instead of just one, along with the links or buttons for following you on social networks. Testimonials establish your credentials so add a quote from a journalist or client on each page, while also presenting your large collection of testimonials on a separate page.

New content can be highlighted on your HOMEpage to draw attention to your latest articles. Another section that generally requires regular updates is coverage, where you can feature links to recent blogs, articles, news stories, case studies and reviews that showcase your work with clients and all the amazing products and services you provide.

All these elements are brought together with your personal touch and a strong positioning statement on your HOMEpage, where you can add a photo of yourself with a handwritten introduction line or positioning statement in just one short sentence. This is important because people like to know the person they are dealing with.

Your website design

The key to good results is selecting the right web designer and host. Discuss your requirements and expectations with a few web designers. Discuss platform options and quotes. WordPress is generally considered the best platform option by most web designers. Choose someone with a good professional repute, design ideas that appeal to you and a work ethic that you feel comfortable with. You could also opt for someone because they offer you a customized design. Establish exactly what all your web designer will do. SEO is a must have, especially if you are a B2C organization. The mobile interface also has to be incorporated within the website design.

You can either continue with the same webhost or choose a new company. A reliable local company that provides IT support could be a wise choice so that you can get help straight away if you have issues. You could even prefer a small company for personal service, rather than a large hosting provider.


You can either talk to an SEO expert during the design phase or leave it for a later stage. Google Analytics provides good options for benchmarking your website's performance as its pages become completely optimized.

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