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Web hosting – do you need it and is it the right decision for you or your business's Internet needs? In response to the first half of the question, there are numerous possible reasons that you may need hosting services. The most important reason why people opt for Internet hosting is that it provides a place to put all site related content such as images, videos as well as HTML. Also, like how every HOME needs an address so that it can be located and differentiated from the millions others, web hosting providers assign the site with its own address so that Internet users may locate them easily. With a designated address, getting in touch with the online business will be a breeze.

On top of that, "bandwidth" is offered along with the Internet plan. "Bandwidth" basically facilitates in broadcasting data from the site to Internet users. To ensure the broadcasting of all the data are done smoothly and in a timely fashion, a high speed internet connection and a stable hardware is critical to making it happen. All these are typically done through a computer, usually known as a web server. All sites, regardless of their size need a web server. So should one use the services provided by web hosts or purchase their very own web server? The following will attempt to shed light on the conundrum and hopefully answer the later part of the initial question mentioned earlier.

Beside the steep costs of owning a web server, most people opt for Internet hosting services as the amount of traffic on their website is simply not heavy enough to justify owning a web server. Furthermore, maintenance of the web site is much easier with the help of a Internet hosting service provider compared to owning your own web server and having to maintain it yourself. In the event one chooses to sign up for the service, there are numerous providers available out there. Some of them require payment while others are free.

HostMonster, Yahoo !, and FatCow are among the top rated paid service providers out there. For free service providers, users can consider Host-Ed, XtreemHost, Zymic or many others that are readily available on the Internet.It is up to the user to decide which type of service providers is most suitable for their needs. One should consider factors such as operating systems, scripting software and database server software before deciding on a web hosting service.

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