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There is a long list of web hosting companies in the market right now offering different services, packages, and at different costs. One of the things that users need to decide before choosing a web host is whether to use a dedicated host or shared server for the site.

How is a dedicated hosting plan different from a shared hosting plan?

For the shared hosting plan, you will be required to share server resources with other websites. This includes the sharing of memory, space and bandwidth. A shared hosting plan is most suitable for small websites that do not require much resource to operate. Larger websites with heavier traffic and additional requirements may be more suited for a dedicated hosting plan as the user will be offered a whole web server for its use.

Let’s take a look at the advantages offered by both plans.

One of the best things about the shared web hosting plan is its affordability. Costs of running the website is slashed by great amounts as you are sharing the resources with many other websites. This translates as the server’s running cost being divided among the large number of websites thus lowering your monthly hosting bill. With the hosting companies fiercely competing with each other to offer the best packages for your money’s worth, you can be assured to get the most space and bandwidth at a fraction of a price.

Also, shared web hosting plans offer both convenience and efficiency. As they are managed by professionals, there is minimum maintenance and you can spend your time concentrating on improving your site instead. Shared hosting plan is efficient as you only use resources you actually need without wasting money on resources you may never use. In the event you reach the allocated limit of resources offered, you can always have the option to buy more.

User- friendliness is also a big advantage of a shared hosting plan as most hosting companies provide users with a control panel that allows easy uploading and removal of files onto the site. They also provide access to webmaster tools such as the web site’s statistics.

Not to be outshined by the shared hosting plans, dedicated hosting plans have many advantages to offer as well. One of the key benefits of using a dedicated plan is its exclusivity. With this plan, you do not have to share any of the web resources with other websites. This is especially important for websites with heavy traffic as this will allow greater control on what is loaded on the server. Furthermore, it is very useful for heavy traffic websites that usually requires ample bandwidth as most dedicated plans offer unlimited bandwidth.

For business websites that value minimum downtime, it will be advisable to get a dedicated hosting plan as they offer your own IP address. This way, your site does not run the risk of being blacklisted in the event other websites sharing your server are blacklisted.

Finally, be careful to consider all the various factors in terms of web space, memory, and bandwidth before choosing a plan. Do keep in mind your site’s future needs as your site grows in size and traffic.

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