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Website Design – 3 Important Areas to Avoid When Designing …

So here you are – you've decided to start an internet business and you're really excited! Along with all the information you need to know, it helps to have some tips on designing mistakes to avoid.

Here are 3 tips on things to avoid when designing that perfect website:

1. Do not make your site difficult to navigate. In other words, make sure that your visitors can easily find their way around your site and make sure they know where they're going when they click on a link. People will quickly leave your website if they have trouble locating a specific page or product. If you have many different pages on your website, put the link to each page on the left side of your HOMEpage. This is where most people look for them. Your links to the "standard" pages that visitors expect, for example, your Contact Us, About Us and Privacy Statement pages, can be placed at the top or bottom of your webpage, again for easy accessibility.

2. Do not use unrecognizable links. Make your links to other pages obvious. People are used to seeing links that are in blue, underlined and sometimes bolded and italicized. If you try to be different and put your links in another color, your visitors may not recognize them and follow them as links. This means that your visitors will not find your webpage or product and, as a result, you'll probably lose sales! So, keep your links blue and underlined.

3. Do not use too many images on your pages. Remember, the more images you use, the longer your site will take to load on your visitor's screen. Also, keep the size of your images in mind. Larger images take longer to load and that slows down your site. This can be very frustrating for a visitor who is waiting to view your website.

Remember these tips and your visitors will thank you!

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