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If you surf the internet you will begin to see a pattern in websites with regard to their font styles and sizes. Typically, websites are designed using common fonts, for example, Times New Roman, Arial or Courier.

The standard font size for websites varies from 10 to 12, although it could go as high as 14. A font size of 11 or 12 is easier on the eyes, and if an accent such as bolding or underlining were added, the text would still be easy to read.

Here are 3 important reasons for limiting the number of font styles and font sizes of the text on your website:

1. You want to keep your website as appealing to the eye as possible. Clean and simple is much better than fancy and complicated. Too many font styles and sizes make your website difficult to understand and can irritate visitors, causing them to leave your website and go elsewhere.

2. By using only a few fonts, you can more easily plan for the use of accents such as bolding and underlining. The accents can then let you emphasize important words and phrases in your website text without having too much confusion on the page.

3. Do not forget that you will also be having links on your page! Links are highlighted in blue and underlined, so creating even more style and color variety on your page. By monitoring the font styles and sizes of your regular text, you are allowing for the extra diversion your links will create.

Remember, by limiting the number of font styles and sizes you have on your website, you will make your pages more visitor-friendly – and that means more sales for you!

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