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Website Design? Are You Crazy?

It seems to be more evident in the world of business and our personal every day lives that people have a web page for one reason or another. Today, as this is written, people are struggling in an economy that some may say is nearly as bad as the great depression. People are hanging on to their money, and budgets tighten up with limited spending. Business owner still know that to get their message out to potential customers that they need to expand into larger things, such as putting their company online. Many businesses struggle with this and fail to see the HUGE potential of putting their business online and taking the time to make a website. Many think that they will get business in their local area without the web. They probably will get some business, but let me show you an example: Jill's flower shop is a small family run business and has just herself and her husband running the flower shop. A family member of hers gets ill and she must close the shop. A potential customer comes to her shop to buy flowers for a funeral and have them delivered for tomorrow. How will she get that order when she is not around? If she had a website, they could just order online and Jill would get the request in the morning. Now I do not run a flower shop, of course, so this may not be the exact process, but the point is that if you have a website, your business is FAR better off than not having one at all.

It is an information age, and everyone sees to be in a hurry. It's sad, I know, but true. People want the information they want, and WHEN they want it. They may not be able to visit your shop between the hours of 9am to 5pm MF. What if they work during those hours? Whatever the reason, I have discovered in my web design career that in many cases, if your business website can not be found on the internet, you may have just lost a sale.

Web designers are in huge demand, and I feel that the need for them will surely increase as we continue to advance in this ever-changing world of technology. Many choose to build a free website, but when you do this it often times screams bad things for your business. What I mean by that is that many of the "FREE" sites put some sort of advertising on your page that YOU or YOUR COMPANY did not put there. They are making money from your online presence, but it's free for you ….. well, not really. What if one of those "free ads" is targeted towards your subject of expertise and you lose a customer? Is it really "FREE".

With minimal software, website design skills can be achieved for even the "non-technical" user. Just remember to take it one step at a time, and find a really good teacher. If you listen to too many people at once, you will just end up with information overload.

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