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Website Design – Discover 5 Reasons Why the Wrong Font Size…

Everything that you do on your website is going to have an effect on your online business development. The truth of the matter is that there is no detail to small to be focused on. The success of your online business rests very much on paying attention to everything related to your website design and development. Yes, this even includes the font sizes that you choose.

Here are 5 important reasons why the wrong font size can turn your visitors away and lead to negative consequences for your online business.

To begin with, here are the downsides to overly small font sizes:

1. Makes your website look too technical. The smaller your font size is, the more text you are going to be cramming in a tiny spot. That means that you are going to have a great deal of black without a lot of corresponding white space. The result is that you are going to end up looking like the classifieds in a newspaper or like a scientific journal of some kind. This will turn away visitors because they do not want to read that kind of writing on the web, they want something much more inviting.

2. Harder to highlight information. When people browse through websites on the Internet they scan for information, they do not read entire blocks of text. With font sizes that are too small you are going to limit a person's ability to scan for important facts and details. This is going to scare away your visitors as they will not be able to see what your website is dealing with and takeaway the key details immediately.

3. Difficult to read. The bottom line with a font size that is too small is that it is going to be difficult to read. People are going to have to slow down and really try to process and think about what you're saying. The lack of white space is going to make everything appear jumbled and tight. It will be difficult to align pictures and the rest of your website design with text that is so small, adding more confusion and disorientation as well.

Now here are the negatives to font sizes that are too large:

4. Seems like you're shouting. With font sizes that are too large, your website visitors are going to get the impression that you are shouting at them. The same thing happens when you decide to try to WRITE SOMETHING IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. It sends the wrong message to visitors of your online business that you are in their face, yelling and overly aggressive and it's something you want to avoid.

5. Makes You Seem Unprofessional. Font sizes that are too large are going to get you immediately tossed into the unprofessional pile. You will not be deemed as worthy and you will not be able to really convert any prospects. Lots of people think that website design that showcases excessively large font sizes is a way to mask that you do not have anything of real value to say or offer. If people think that about your online business, then you're sunk.

Clearly, when focusing on online business development you do not want to pick a font that's too small or too large. Either way and you are going to be leaving yourself at a serious disadvantage. Therefore, steer clear of both extremes and stick with reasonable fonts and font sizes that are easy to read and approachable.

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