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Website Design For 100 Percent Browser Compatibility

I've heard many people say

"Anyone can build a website, there are so many build it yourself packages out there today."

I usually laugh and respond

"True, but not everyone knows how to design PROFESSIONAL web sites".

A professional website designer should know about:

  • Check their work on a variety of browsers.
  • Use images where appropriate not at random.
  • Keep up-to-date with web standards. That's W3C XHTML and CSS.
  • If they use animation such as Flash they offer a text alternative or an image in it's place if the viewer's browser does not have Flash or if the user does not want Flash.
  • Some users still have 56K. I've heard some web designers say "It's their fault if they're too tight to get broadband internet". This is the wrong attitude. With extra code you can have Flash and large graphics for broadband and even text-only for 56k. They are all your customers.
  • Accessibility – Are your stylesheets coded properly? Try out your website on a mobile phone, an audio browser or even print it out. Your customers do not just use PC's to view your website.

You're the customer so you get the final say when choosing website features but a professional website designer should always offer alternatives and justifications to help you think outside the box. Afterall, your website design helps sell your business. It is your online presence. It reflects your products and services. If your current website does not appear to meet some or all of the above criteria then speak to a web design company about making changes or additions.

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