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Website Design – How to Make Your Pages More Functional

No matter whether you are suing a free website design template or a custom design, your web pages have to be functional for users, as well as search engine optimized and good looking. Most webmasters focus their work on search engine optimization. However, even with a lot of traffic to your website, you may have a low conversion rate just because it is not convenient and simple to use. That is why functionality is extremely important.

Many free website design templates are advertized as providing numerous color options. It is a great idea to add some color to menus and side panels. However, the number one rule in marketing is that you have to have a text in a dark font on a lightly colored background, if you want people to read your message. In internet marketing, it is best to have black text on a while background. It is equally important to have a simple font with a large enough size for visitors to read comfortably.

People love to look at beautiful pictures, but when they are looking for information, they prefer to find the written content easily and quickly. That is why the written content on your pages should have a central position, unless you have an online store or a photo blog. You can readily put images and pictures on the sides. It is important for them to be relevant to your written content.

This advice is applicable to ads and ad banners as well. You can have an attractive banner or two on top of the page, but you should not have ads taking half of the page. It is best to place more ads on the left side of the web page (from your perspective), since the right is usually reserved for the menu. In this way, visitors can take note of them, as they read your written content.

The menu is another important tool that will allow you to make the most out of your free website design or custom design. You should have it on every page to make navigation easy. Similarly, make sure that the menu can take the visitor to every important page on your site.

Finally, even if you have the best website design, you will not have high conversion rates, unless you update your content regularly. Visitors would like to see information that is relevant as well as up to date. Do not miss to work on your site's content every day.

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