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The best way to get website design ideas is to be sneaky! As in most things in life see how the best in your field operate and copy them. As far as website design is concerned it would be more accurate to say 'inspired' than 'copy'.

Every page on your site should be designed around a carefully researched keyword phrase so, you must ask yourself, what do the landing pages of the leaders in this particular niche look like?

Enter you keyword phrase into the Google search bar and analyze what comes up in the 'natural' searches. The sites that appear on the first page of the results are there because Google feels that they are the most relevant. Check out all the top sites and look at them in the way your prospective customers would – what makes them so relevant to the keyword phrase and why are the most visually appealing – well appealing.

There are certain key elements of website design that every web page must have if it is to stand any chance of making it to page one of the search engines.

  • The page name and title must be, or at the very least contain, your keyword phrase.
  • The page must live up to the expectations of the surfer, in other words if the keyword phrase was 'how to darn socks' then you better make sure that is rather the information that is available on your page without having to click through to anywhere else on your site.
  • 'How To Darn Socks' must also be the H1 tag. An H1 tag screams at the search engines 'Hey – this is what this page is all about'. It is a very simple matter to turn your headline into an H1 tag using your website building software or, to give it it's boringly accurate name, html editor.
  • If the aim of your page is to get someone to click on an affiliate link or place an order then do not confuse the issue by having AdSense ads on the same page, creating distractions is the last thing you need.
  • If you have an 'opt-in' box that requests for their name and email address so that you can add them to your auto responder list then make sure that one example of the opt-in box appears above the 'fold'.
  • Most of your copy should be black on a white background using clear, unfussy fonts such as Arial. Verdana or Tahoma.
  • Have at least a couple of pictures, some graphics and sometimes even a video. Video really is the way forward.
  • Make the page essentially simple, clean and be crystal clear about what it is you want your web surfer to do – tell them!

Follow these website design ideas and you should not go too far wrong. Above all do not fall into the beginners trap of having a page that is a mass of confusing type faces, colors, flashing copy and a dozen possible actions that can be taken which will more likely result in no action being taken at all!

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