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You have finally decided to make the plunge and make the web design changes necessary to go after international sales. Your important web pages are ready to be created in the local language, you have looked at the aspects of the culture that are different from your own, and you need to cover the last little items.

Here are 4 web design ideas that you should follow:

1. Get your domain name in the target country

There are a lot of people that remain with the .com site, and this is respected in many countries. It is worthwhile to have the local domain when you consider the cost involved of getting a domain name and having you site hosted. You can have you country website designed so that it displays what is on your primary site if you are not ready to have 2 running site. Consider having your website designed as a sales blog, pointing to you primary sales blog.

2. Make subscription options in the target language available and obvious.

RSS icons are pretty much standard in appearance, so use one. If you are not ready to have your feeds in the foreign language you can at least put the comment lines in the local language inviting people to sign up for the "English Language Feeds". Making the offer in the local language will help you see what point translating will be useful.

Make your subscriptions obvious, and ask for them. You should put the sign up option on each post and on the front page of your site.

3. Write articles for your niche in the local language

Knowing what your client wants and knowing your niche is the key to success on the web. Starting sales in the foreign market is a niche in itself, and you need to provide quality and useful information to that niche. If possible, deliver content in the local language. If you are writing blog entries it is entirely likely to have them translated. You can use one of the many freelance sites on the internet to translate for you – often for as little as $ 2.00 per post. If you do not want to pay for the translation, consider bringing on a person that speaks the local language as an intern or use one of the online translation tools. If you use a translation tool, include the original language after the translation and begin each post with a comment "Translated online by …"

4. Start a series of posts

The wonderful thing about having a series of related posts is that it makes the reader want to come back for more. This can help get subscribers who do not miss out on the next in the series. After you are done with the series, let it rest for a while, then email the series as part of your newsletter. Convert the series into one article that you can post online and advertise your foreign sales in the 'author resources' section.

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