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Website design inspiration can be acquainted by keeping a close watch and being on top of what's going on in the world of design. An attractive web design is the cornerstone for traffic that converts to leads.

Well-designed website

Inspiration is the first step to a successful and a well-designed website. However the design inspiration that you or your team have, have to be grounded in reality. It should be realistic enough to make good business sense.

Ideas for a well-designed website can come from studying brands and different businesses, watching how they are using innovative designs for business. Visiting their sites can provide strong source of inspiration and ideas.

Various industry designs

Take note of the websites and designs that you admire, note the sites' feel. You can get enough inspiration from such designs and use them around your brand when necessary. You do not always have to look into the designs of your niche industry. Look at various industries and pick up ideas from wherever possible.

Designs from consumer perspective

Create design from the perspective of a customer. It is they who will be buying your product or services and any communication should be tailored from their perspective.
Even in a B2B company, designs should be made from consumer perspective. Determine which websites will be appreciated by consumers.

Research design inspiration

To get the right website design inspiration one has to be actively involved in research. Follow the trends which continue to change and evolve. In the fast evolving world of web design nothing remains static. The best designers are those who continue to monitor the trends, analyzes them and selects the ones best suited to their needs.

Major trends in design do not just come about. All established trends show symptoms of appearing at least a year in advance. Every years may not see major design trends appear, but small gains can certainly be observed during each year.

Appearance of the website

Too much importance need not be placed on the appearance of the website. There are factors such as usability, information which are more important. There are sites which are created for selling something. There are others which provide information resources. To ensure correct usability, make sure that your visitors are able to access the information they are looking for.

It is crucial for your website to have a good navigation. A good navigation system allows the visitors to move from one page to another with ease. Standardize the location of your navigation bar on every page of the site. Apart from navigation bar, provide short-cuts to the areas your visitor is likely to move.

Image overload

Nowadays it is easy to clutter a website with images. Do not overload your site with images as it may take the visitor away from the main communication. Moreover, there should be enough space between images and text to give visitors breathing space.

Inspirations come at all times. They can come from anywhere. But brilliant flashes of inspiration are invariably backed by painstaking hard work.

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