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Website Design – Learn How Important Your Font is For Your …

Many people, especially Newbies, do not realize how important font style and font size can be to their website. The font is the design of the text of your website. You want to make it easy on the eyes in both style and size.

There are many different types of fonts and size ranges. The most common fonts used on the Internet are Arial, Times New Roman and Courier.

Font size can vary from very tiny to very large and go from size 8 to size 72 on my computer but not all computers have these array of sizes.

It's OK to use a few different font sizes, eg for your title, headlines, bullets, etc. but do not overdo it. You also want to avoid too many bolded, underlined and italicized words. While there is a place for accents such as these, you should use them sparingly.

Be sure to look carefully at your website while it's being created. Let some of your friends look at it and get their honest opinion. Is your website pleasing to the eye? If you get any negative feedback, then you should re-evaluate your site before proceeding further.

Most website visitors expect to find a clear, concise website, and giving them too many different fonts and font sizes can turn them away from your website.

Remember, not everyone has the same fonts on their computer as you. Generally, most computers have the three above-mentioned fonts as well as many others. If you stick to the common fonts you should have no trouble with visitors seeing your website the way you designed it.

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