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Website Design – Should You Use a Template or Have It Custo…

Having a website is a must for every business, no matter whether it is operating online or not. Given the great competition in every industry, you have to have a site that will stand out in the crowd and attract more visitors that can be turned into more customers. The main question standing in front of every business is whether to use a ready website design template or have their site custom made by a website design studio.

The first factors to assess, when comparing the two options, are their features. In general, there are many different types of ready templates that you can use to create a site by yourself. In most cases, these ready to use website builders come with a content management system (CMS) which you can use without technical knowledge. They have customizable layouts as well. It is also standard for these templates to be search engine optimized.

You can expect a custom made site to be easy to manage and easy to change in line with your needs and requirements. The main additional feature that you will get, when opting for such a product, is an individual theme. Basically, the website design will reflect its purpose and your business goals. For instance, if you have a travel website, you would want it to have a theme that allows for a lot of pictures to be present on the pages. Even though templates are customizable, you might not manage to get the theme you want.

The next most important factor to base the comparison on is quality. In general, not all templates are of the same quality. Similarly, even if you get a custom made site, this does not guarantee that it will be better than a template. For this reason, you should judge every particular product and service on its own merits. Still, it should be pointed out that templates are not inferior to custom made products. In many cases, they have similar or even better quality, especially when they are developed by professional web designers and developers.

The third most important factor to assessment is cost. The website design templates are usually cheaper than the custom made products. This is explained by the fact that they are sold to many customers rather than just to one. In some cases, you can get a professionally done template even for free.

Overall, it is up to you to decide which website design product to use. Now you know all the pros and cons for each option, so you can quickly make a well-informed decision.

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