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Web design world seems never to stop evolving. Every second or every minute there is something new being brought to the world of the internet. Since websites are the passport to this virtual world, web design has become indispensable. With the development of technology, web design seems to grow in complexity from the designer's perspective and simpler from the buyer's perspective.

The ability of the mobile device to make the internet accessible has drastically changed the way the businesses and consumers used to look at the internet. Earlier the businesses were just concerned with developing website that were compatible with the operating systems and platform of the desk top PC or lap top. Now as the number of people accessing the internet through the smart phone is increasing, the websites need to be designed in such a way that they are compatible with the platform and operating system of the smart phone device.

There are various brands of smart phones such as BlackBerry, Android and iPhone. The operating system and platform of these smart phones vary. It is typically seen that the application that runs successfully on one smartphone phone device does not run on the other smart phone device.

Some of the coding languages ​​are not supported by some brands of smart phones. For example websites based on Flash do no run on iPhone just because of compatibility issue. This implications that in the future if one of wishes to make the website compatible with iPhone device, the use of Flash should be avoided.

The screen size of the smart phone is much smaller than that of desk top PC or Lap Top. The web designer will have to consider this as prime factor. If the layout of the web page does not fit the smart phone screen size the use of scroll bar will have to be introduced. At times the smart phones users find it annoying to scroll horizontally and vertically to see the contents of the website.

The web designer will have to make the website as light as possible. The website needs to be downloaded as quickly as possible. If the downloading takes a longer time, the internet service provider may charge heavily to the user. The user would never like to be charged higher. If the smart phone user finds that the website is taking longer time to download he / she may just log and access the other website.

The future websites will have to be made more interactive not only between the buyer and seller but also the buyers and seller. The businesses and buyers have realized the importance of social networking websites and the way they can be used. In future providing an outgoing link to social networking sites like Facebook is going to most probably become necessary.

No one for sure can forecast about the future of web designing. The only measure a business can take is to hire the services of a professional web design service provider who is expert at using the latest technology. This only can prolong the effectiveness and efficiency of the website because in the future the current technology is going to become old and later out dated.

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