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Website design is very important aspect of your website. A well designed website is a key factor in the growth of a business and makes your online presence more effective. However, this is a tedious task but you can take benefit from online website builder software with good features which provides quality work and fulfill your expectation in your budget.

There are so many factors that go into creating an attractive website design, some of which are following:

  • Choose plain backgrounds to add professional look to your website.
  • A quality website has smooth navigation.
  • Using too many graphics makes website very bulky.
  • The colors should go with the overall theme and type of services/products offered by the website.

Slideshow Designer

To have a unique appearance on the internet, you can convert your images into Flash slideshows with background music and cool transitional within no time. Slideshow software seems to be more expensive and complicated option for many people. But today, there are many easy to use cost-effective slideshow designer tools are available that can help you to create a dazzling flash slideshow.

Steps to Create Attractive Slideshow

  • To create a slideshow, select a folder with the pictures to be included in the slideshow.
  • Choose your flash slideshow templates as per your requirement.
  • Add Images, text and sound to your slideshow.
  • Publish your flash slideshow.

Banner Designer Pro

In this internet marketing world, Banners are great marketing tool. They are very effective to increase your brand identity and building affiliate programs. But don’t have a banner for your website? Before you pay for an expensive graphic designer, take a look at this genuine designer tool to create your own banner for free.

How to Create a Professional Looking Banner

  • To design a new banner, select a standard type and give height and width to the banner.
  • You can add color and gradient effects to thebackground. Also, the banner can be completely filled with an image as well.
  • You can select a preloader and add this which will appear every time your banner loads.
  • Incase you need the banner to loop continuously, select the Replay button to add the replay button to the banner, specify the Frame rate and most importantly add the destination link to the banner.
  • Next select the File Save option in the Menu bar
  • A Publish the Banner click the Publish button on the top right navigation

Web Design

Web Design

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