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Website Functionality Depends Upon Web Design and Developmen…

How well your website works has a lot to do with how well it has been designed and developed. Functionality needs to be built in from the ground up to ensure that each element loads quickly, performs efficiently and keeps all information safe and secure. Talented web developers are accustomed to using the latest technology available in order to design websites that are fast and functional, as well as looking great.

While a great looking website with lots of animation, flash and imagery is great to look at, what’s the point in a great looking website if it isn’t easy to use? Once the initial show is over, will visitors stay on your site if they can’t find what they are looking for? Even worse, what if an element of your site has not been designed properly and breaks, or displays badly across different browsers? Experienced web designers know about these pitfalls and test their designs in a variety of ways to ensure that their sites load quickly and continue to perform well for visitors throughout their whole experience on your site.

Additionally, web functionality covers how well your site performs in the search engines. Good web developers are constantly monitoring the latest updates to good SEO practices and incorporating this knowledge into their design process. For example, special care needs to be taken over the functionality of websites designed with Flash landing pages, as search engines can’t penetrate some of these pages. Visitors using certain types of browsers, or accessing your website from a mobile device such as an iPhone should also be able to use your site completely, and your website should be designed with this in mind.

Issues with functionality of a website cause thousands of businesses lost customers each day, as visitors click away because one or more areas of the site don’t display properly or work the way they should. Imagine if your contact form couldn’t be sent? Or if your navigation buttons didn’t display and there was no other way for users to know which area of the page to click next?

Poorly designed and badly functioning web sites create a terrible impression of your business, so isn’t it worth thinking about these things during the initial design rather than trying to fix them later?

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