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Graphics are an important part of the Internet marketing campaign of a website. Graphics provide the visual form of communication to the site visitors. The main purpose of the legal website design, graphics is to inform and educate visually the customers about the basic features that a product or service can offer them. The graphics can be either created, copied or purchased from the website.

The Purpose of using Graphics in the Website

Graphics are not useful for all the websites. The purpose of using a graphic representation in the website depends upon the type of the website. The graphic display as per legal website design should be included in the website only when it is become a requisite, for successful operation of the site. If a site is about content writing, then there is no need to include the graphics in the site. A product or service related or marketing related website needs the graphics display to enhance its marketability on the net.

Selecting the Right Graphics for the Site

There are three types of graphics display. They are called the header, stamped background and the order button type graphics. The most important of all these graphics is the header type. To capture the attention of the visitor and stop them from switching off the browser, it is important to incorporate a well designed headers graphics display, done by a professional. Then comes the Stamped background graphics are better suited to web pages. They attend the web pages the visual of a colored letter pad, in light or dark shades. On the page background is the message stamped and it reflects the theme of the website. So as one scrolls down the website, he or she remains focused on the central theme of the site. The third type of graphics, which is called as order button. These graphics are used in the marketing sites that directly sell products or services online customers and form an important part of the Lawyer marketing strategy

Getting Graphics

The graphics are usually available from the internet. It can be copied from the websites but before that it is important to check wherever they are from public domain and available free of cost or belong as a copy right material and needs permission of the actual owner, before copying it. The other source of the graphics in the images from digital camera, stored a JPEG file. Web graphics can be saved in two different formats, a .gif image for illustrated graphics with smaller color range and a .jpg image as a file for larger color range graphics. Here graphics play their part in enhancing the web content and promote the website on the internet.

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