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This article explains the importance of having a website and how to easily and cost-effectively attract highly targeted visitors to your website – visitors that are likely to be interested in buying your products or services.

Your Website is the most important part of your online presence. If it's been well-designed it should create a great impression of your business, providing useful information to potential customers (sometimes including pictures) and contact information – allowing a point of contact for interested customers.

It is important to understand how your website benefits you and how to get the vest out of it. Firstly just having a website increases your customers perception of your credibility – having a website makes your business seem so much more professional and that alone may be a decisive factor in a potential customer choosing to purchase your product or service. So make sure that you take every opportunity to let potential customers know you have a Website. Print it on any business cards, letter heads, etc. If you're taking an inquiry over the phone, then after answering any questions suggest "you can see our Website if you need any more information". A Website is a great way of providing information for your customers.

Secondly, your Website can actually generate new business. If your website has been well designed, your telephone number will be clearly displayed and the Website will include a contact form. When customers fill in this form and click submit, you will receive an email with the information in it. In order to generate new customers in this way you will need people to find your website on the internet when they are looking for your product or service.

How do you increase the number of visitors to your Website without spending a lot of money (or possibly no money) on marketing? Well, the good news is that some of the most effective ways to attract targeted visitors to your website do not involve spending very much money or time. Will people find you in Google? If someone is looking on the internet for your product or service and they type it into a search engine such as Google then they might find your Website that way. If you get visitors to your website in this way that's great. However, there are probably hundreds or even thousands of similar Websites and people rarely looking beyond the first page or two of search results in Google. Therefore you should not rely exclusively on this to get visitors to your Website.

One of the most cost effective methods of attracting the right kind of visitor to your Website is by getting listed in online directories, particularly those dedicated to your particular product or service.

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