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Beginning with eMarketing is easy and there are thousands of resources online. To be successful with eMarketing, you need to clearly define your website marketing strategy. Setting a website is the easy part. The more tricky part with eMarketing is to correctly market your blog or website to generate traffic and have visitors. Attracting visitors and creating traffic is the only way to succeed. Without traffic, you have nothing, no readers, no sales and no profit.

Constructing a strong and powerful base of followers can be difficult at times. Competition is fierce and growing everyday. The key to success is clearly to define a website marketing strategy that will allow you to become successful.

To define you website marketing strategy you need to concentrate on 5 key components.

Central Hub : your central hub is your blog, where you will publish educational, enlightening and entertaining articles or reviews. You goal will be to create content that will give useful and valuable information to your readers. Your website marketing strategy in this case is to create good content that will retain your readers, content that will present you as a leader in your filed of expertise.

Sales Funnel : an extension of your central hub. Once you gained the trust of your readers, they will be looking for your offers. If you want to monetize your website, you need to have a clear connection to your sales offers. You central hub will lead readers to your offer, if you add value, they will be looking for it. Know the needs of you readers, solve their problem and they will fall in your sales funnel.

Content Syndication Networks : Content syndication is the way you will expose your content to various networks. Your network will work as your sales force, it will bring you leads. The definition of "content syndication is the act of extending the reach of your central hub content by distributing it to your content syndication network"

Social Networks : Social networks acts as your distribution platform, they represent the path where your content is being distributed.

Search Engine visibility : Search engine is the place where you will be seen and discovered. This is where your readers will look for you. Make sure to use all the SEO tools that will place you on the top. Search engines work with complex algorithms that take into account not only your content but also your exposure to social media.

Learn how to use social media and content syndication network to promote and market your blog by setting up your own website marketing strategy.

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