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You have a situation in your life and you need to find the best background check websites on the internet.

Let me begin by saying that is no small fee. There are hundreds; per thousand thousands, that are all clamoring for your money. And unfortunately, in our opinion, there are only a few that are honest, use accurate databases and are inexpensive.

But first things first. What should you look for in a company that you want to avoid like the plague? Follow these tips and you

o Make sure when it says "instant" background check, that it's really immediate – Many companies will profess that they will give you instantaneous results and two days later you are still waiting. Contact them. Question them to find out if they are one of the better background check websites. If they are some obscure company, ask them for customers that you can email. But if you have to go this far to ensure you're safe with a company, pass on that one. There are many, many more.

o Make sure they have an email address to contact and a telephone number –
Many companies will not have any way that you can contact them. That is a major red flag and you should avoid these companies at all costs.

o Make sure the company you are looking into is not a bait and switch –
Many companies will tell you how they are one of the greatest background check websites but then sell you software to be able to do it yourself. You will spend a lot of money for it, the results will not be accurate and you will not get any information that you are searching for.

So what do I do? Where to I go to make sure that I do not get taken?

There are two online companies that are known to be the best.

1. InfoRegistry – This is the Cadillac of background check companies but not because they are expensive. In fact, it is just the opposite. They have amazing unlimited search plans that are a great buy when looking for background check websites. We consider them to be the top because they are approved by many major corporations such as Verizon, AT & T and many others. They are fast, accurate and guarantee results or your money back.

2. NetDetective – This company has been around forever and they also are very good. They are endorsed by the National Association of Independent Investigators and are also very fast, accurate and have plans to do unlimited searches.

Doing a search on someone is a very serious situation and should not be taken lightly. If you are trying to investigate a person in your life, there must be good reasons that you are doing that. When looking for background check websites, take our advice and be safe.

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