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What Are the "MUST-Haves" For a Website Design?

You wish to design a MONEY pulling magnet web site design that will gain you tons of cash ..

But before this is ever going to happen you MUST go back a few steps …..

You MUST THINK logically about a few questions you are going to ask yourself ….

What is the aim of you website and what Purpose will it serve ??
Millions of dollars are was every day on creating and maintaining useless sites that serve absolutely no purpose to their owners.
It needs to have a sound strategic reason for being. Is it really going to contribute strategically to the growth and development of your business?

Next … The fundamental reasons for having a website can be categorized into 4 areas below

a. to generate qualified lists and sales prospects

b. to create sales (Create CASH)

c. to be in regular contact with you customers

d. to build up your credibility in your marketplace

You must think of all these areas and components in detail if your site is going to be successful.
Of course your website can do 2, 3 or all 4 of these purposes ..

So NOW to the Webiste design essentials …

To create a well planned web site a great way to think about the site structure is to think of it simply like a book.
First of all the HOME PAGE is typically an arrangement of the cover, the welcome or introduction and the table of contents pages.

The table of contents take you to the different chapters in the website which normally have headings like About us, Products & Services, Whats new, Subscribe to our newsletter, Testimonials etc.
You can get a program like MS Publisher or Frontpage in which they have simple sample designs you can use to practice and become familiar and practice with wesite design and setup.

Your website structure depends pretty much on the type of business you're in and your websites intended purpose.

Your target market is critical in deciding on what your site will look like … ie for the younger generation "flamboyant & exciting" …. for over 40's it should be relatively conservative and unclutered.

Once youre ready to build your website its best to find an experienced website designer and planner.
Nomatter who you chose to do the job they should have an understanding of the business and commercial applications of a website design.

When searching for a designer treat this process like you are the employer and you are interviewing them to do this job for you. Because you are …. Check out a few samples from the sites that they've already developed and you must confirm how well they've adapted the rules of direct response marketing into the sites.

Another thing to consider is that lately, many marketers are focusing on 2 page site designs with just 1 long page of content then straight to an order page. This is obviously another method to consider that will go along with all kinds of promotional and direct response marketing. Simple yet extremely effective.

And FINALLY, what are the "Must haves" for a website …

When writing a website use the same rules as for any other written and visual forms of communication. Imagine you are the reader. Put yourself in their shoes. Remember WIIFM (Whats in it for me). You should make sure your designer uses headlines and subheadings which will help to draw in the reader.
Its best to keep your graphics simple clear and neat. Make sure your text fonts are easy to read.
Consider using fonts like San serif as they can be easier to read on screen. Generally speaking. The simpler the text the better. Test a few out yourself in a program like word and you'll see for yourself which ones seem uncluttered.

For your website to be successful, Your website SHOULD contain the elements below:

a) it must COMMAND ATTENTION using benefits in the Headlines. Convincing subheadings and attractive colors. It must look smart and professional best done with the services of a graphic designer. Remember not do go overboard with the graphics. It may become distracting or slow to load and your costomers will not come back.

b) FOCUS on the reader and CREATE RAPPORT
First of all welcome your visitor (Customer).
A welcome message from the directors or you is best.
Be careful to make sure its written from the "point of you".

c) make sure Specific Needs are Identified
To reveal the strength, extent and quality of your products and services use reports and examples.

d) presenting your Products and Services
Just list your different services or products or list groups of products and your visitor can choose to explore in more depth if they wish to find out more

e) Building Trust
Include Testimonials from your valued clients, Include in the testimonials real names, photos and well recognized brand logos if suitable

f) Risk Reversal
You should feature your Guarantee on all your products and services
The most compelling are 100% Money back / NO Risk to the customer whatsoever.

g) you must ASK for the ORDER ..
Your website needs to lead them to the next step.

h) Provide your contact Information
Make it easy for customers to contact you. Use auto e-mail responders and make sure your full contact details like telephone, fax, and address details are easy to find.

i) References or recommendations
Include a "refer a friend" option. Ask you reader who else would benefit from the information.

Looking towards the next critical step & future of your website to create CASH.

You must learn to market and drive critical leads and potential customers and overall targeted traffic to it.

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