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What is all the hype about social media management? Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn are so popular that even major corporations are joining the community. It’s amusing to read how many powerful CEOs are “tweeting” on a regular basis, just to keep the brand name alive. The big question is, why isn’t your company joining all the fun? You may not enjoy the social aspects but this community-first style of writing is quickly becoming this generation’s USP (Unique Selling Proposition).

The concept of this management is simple: rather than telling your audience to buy your products and services, you invite them to be your friend and start friendly interaction. People are suddenly more inclined to listen to you and buy your stuff. After all, you are the one providing interaction, entertainment and counsel. You are coming across as an authority by giving away helpful information.

Social media management is the exact opposite of the “hard sell” and that is what people want right now. By only focusing on SEO articles, you are missing a large number of web viewers. To illustrate, think of social media networking like a large freeway that is always providing transportation to thousands of drivers a week. Right now, you are on the outskirts of the street next to the service road, where nothing is happening. Imagine if you could put a billboard on that freeway directing all of those motorists to your store, along with a full catalog of products and services. Now you understand the power of social media management! You can insult Twitter and Facebook all day long, but in the end you want a piece of this pie because everyone and their brother is having a slice.

Packages for social media management include:

* account setups

* twitter messages (usually about one an hour)

* adding influencers

* link postings

* social bookmarking

* sharing stories

* creating backgrounds for Twitter or MySpace (and other sites)

* integration of all your sites and content

* weekly reports showing your exposure

* SEO evaluation

* blog setup and blog content

* help with setting up video

* setting up RSS feeds

* implementation of Google AdSense

Now is the time to jump on the bandwagon and start becoming a part of this glorious global community we live in. Talk to a social media management company today!

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