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I believe that you have come across some websites that require you to opt-in your email and other contact information in order to grab the free gifts that the website is offering. This kind of website is called a lead capture page, or a squeeze page.

Like what it is called, the main purpose of a lead capture page is to capture leads. And in most of the cases, leads are prospects that have the potential to buy something that the webmaster offers. So why actually a lead capture page is so important to all the webmasters who wanted to earn from their business? This is because once you have a list of qualified leads, you can then send promotional emails to them, and if they like what you offer, they will buy and you will make some money.

Often, most people will not buy the first time when they come to your website. And this is where a lead capture page comes in. Once you have captured the contact of your prospects, by using an auto-responder, you can send automated emails to them, promote them what you are selling.

As you know, people are skeptical in making a purchase, especially buying online. That is why you need to capture leads so that you can follow up with them continuously. By providing your leads quality information that they are looking for, you will gain the trust from them and you can then offer them your products.

Today, if you don’t have a lead capture page in your websites, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. You must understand the fact that most of your sales are coming from your emails, not from your websites. Internet marketing is all about relationship. If you have a strong relationship with your prospects, you will make a lot of sales. And if you have a well-maintain with your customers, you will make tons of repeat sales.

As you can see now, with a list of potential customers, you are able to make repeat sales from existing customers. This is how powerful a list can be, and therefore, a lead capture page is a ‘must have’ in order to build a successful internet business.

Lead capture page is easy to build. In fact, it can be as simple as a one-page website. Come up with a free gift like a free report or a free e-book; get an auto-responder service so that it can handle all the emails for you. Then you just have to insert an opt-in box generated from your auto-responder into your website. There you have it; your lead capture page is done. However, I would suggest that you go through some other lead capture page out there to get some ideas of how it may look like.

Now, can you see the big picture of what a lead capture page is and how it works? Start to build your list of leads as soon as possible; they are the life-blood of your online business.

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