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Do you need a website? Or do you have an existing website, and it is not creating leads or converting sales? If answered "yes" to one of these questions, then this article is perfect resource for you. In this article, we will discuss why most websites fail and what you can do to have a website that is a profit center for your business.

Web Design: Why most websites fail?

Most websites are inward facing; they talk about the products / services that the business sells and the business itself. Instead, they should be talking about their customers, their customer's pain, and how they solve that pain.

In addition, most websites are brochure sites and do not focus on conversion. Again the websites are internally focused, instead of focusing on how to generate a lead or make a sale.

Web Design: Direct response websites – What are they?

Direct response marketing is a form of marketing where the marketer intends to create a specific, measurable action. A direct response website is a website that is focused on generating a lead or making a sale … and that's it!

A direct response website will be written and designed for the customers. The copy and design, including words, images, colors, and fonts, will be selected to reflect the psychological profile of the customer. Matching the website to the target market is critical for building a relationship and getting the desired conversion, whether it be an opt-in or purchase, from the target market.

Web Design: Direct response website – Why should you care?

In short, a direct response websites convert better than brochure websites. The top online marketers use the direct response methodology, and so should you … at least if you want to make money.

A Word of Caution

Please note that most web developers do not understand direct response web design. If they do not ask you about your conversion goal in the opening meeting, then run for the hills. You can spend ten-thousand dollars quickly on a brochure website with zero return on investment.


Before you build a website or redesign an existing website, consider what you want to do with the site. Are you looking to generate a lead or make a sale or make a nice brochure? In addition, you should define your target market and understand their psychology. With this information, you can create a site that will match your marketing goals.

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