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IconShock has provided a great collection of unique virtual and augmented reality icons. Perfect for use in projects that relate to this new and growing industry, so we’re excited to bring you this exclusive, free icon set for you to download today, courtesy of their design team.

Join us as we take a look at some of our favourite icon sets from their collection, and grab your exclusive download of a virtual and augmented reality icon pack!

What is IconShock?

IconShock is a library of over two million professional icons, collected into four hundred icon sets, in many different sizes and styles. There are a few great, unique features which set IconShock apart as a high-tier place to find your next icon set:

Easily Edit Everything

IconShock’s new platform is built to allow for quick and easy editing of several visual aspects of the icons, such as adjusting their sizes and colours, and styles before downloading. This is a really powerful way to put the design of these icons in your own hands (both multi-coloured icons, and monochrome options).

You can either choose from a set of pre-suggested colours, or specify a hex code, to instantly have the icon fit in with the design of your project.

Multiple Sizes and Options

All icons are offered in several standard sizes, as well as custom sizes via vector and SVG files. The simpler glyph-style icons are provided in pixel-perfect grid size choices, customised to look crisp at both large and small sizes.

Their more detailed, photo-realistic style icon sets are designed to be displayed at larger sizes, but do have versions for small sizes as well. You’re spoiled for choice!

A few unique styles to explore are:

  • Sunny Day Collection
  • Windows 10 Icons
  • iPhone Icons

Our Favourite Picks

We’ve hand-picked a few other icon sets from IconShock that we particularly liked, to give you a feel for what to expect in their collection.

Flat Icons

Flat icons are still going strong, and IconShock’s collection is one of the best ones out there, featuring a complete series of vector icons with clean illustrations, that combine a soft beautiful palette with geometric shapes. There is a variation, Iconshock’s own brainchild dubbed Isometric Icons, which merge Flat design with with a 3D-like perspective, achieving a great visual effect.

Glyph Icons

Glyph is a collection of minimal, outlined icons. Simple and geometric, these are built in a non standard size of 38px for greater web and app display compatibility. There is a twin collection under Glyph Color Icons to work with on web and app development

iOS Line Icons

A great collection of icons made in the style of iOS 7 and higher icons, this neatly done bundle of Line Icons merges geometric simplicity with concept accuracy under Apple’s outlined icon style, and features several variations, such as Color Line Icons, that work with them as selected or active/inactive state.

Material Icons

Following Google’s Material Design guidelines and concepts, these are the icons we all know, juiced up with Material’s own color palette. As usual, these also have a variation to work with known as Material Black Icons, these two collections have great synergy with eachother.


You have a few options when it comes to pricing, depending on what type of access you need:

  1. Individual Icon Sets: You can buy specific icon sets as a one-off, from $19
  2. Yearly Subscription: Access everything for one year, for an annual price of $79
  3. Lifetime License: Access everything, forever, for $99

Many of us find ourselves needing regular access to icons in our work, so one of the full, “access everything” packages is certainly a great deal considering the size of the library you’ll be able to use on your projects.

Get Your Free Icon Set

So here it is! We bring you this exclusive freebie, an icon set for you to download courtesy of IconShock! It’s a great collection of unique virtual and augmented reality icons. Perfect for use in projects that relate to this new and growing industry.

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