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What Is Quality Assurance in Software Development and Its

Quality Assurance more commonly known as QA plays very crucial role in software development. Many newly established software development companies often overlook such process of verifying quality and may consider it as just a formality, but one can’t deny the fact that poor or improper method or practice of quality assurance may lead into failure to fulfill client’s diverse needs for software application as well as may lead to get poor response from targeted audience as well which at the end cause to lose your business.

So, what actually this QA is?

Software Quality Assurance is basically a process which consisting of observing the various process and method used during software development life cycle to check for quality of the end product which is going to be developed. It consists of many sub-processes to accomplish this complicated task.

Many people think that QA is basically testing of the software or applications, but in real software testing is part of it. A well defined and appropriate QA process will help you to get high quality applications at the end of development, and helps to get better customer or end user reviews and feedback and raise ROI. It basically involves verification of various requirements, application design, coding standards, testing etc. It is very crucial in quality assurance process as it helps software application development companies to identify and eliminate any errors or bugs in the applications at the very initial stage and helps to save time for later on bug fixing. This will result in low development cost of any software application.

Now, let see how it is beneficial to software application development?

• First and most basic benefit is it helps to reduce the re-work or alteration for any software application. By doing appropriate quality assurance practice one may easily get all the bugs or errors within application got identified and eliminated at the very initial stage and may help to save time by avoiding the need of any re-work or alteration within app.

• It helps to reduce overall application development cost. As all the errors or bugs got cleared at the very initial stage, one may not need to spend extra time or money for getting it correct after the development of app and will save money.

• It helps to identify and understand client’s diverse needs and deeds.

• Any issue or problems within applications got easily identified during SDLC.

• From the point of view of software app Development Company, it will help you to get more business through same clients due to high quality work.

So, above we see what actually this QA is and how it is beneficial in Software App Development!

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