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Leading cosmetic clinic, Image by Laser offers the latest, most effective and safest treatments available on the market with exceptional staff that have the experience and qualifications so you know you're in the best hands. A leading clinician, it is one of very few clinics in Queensland to be licensed with Queensland Health.

And the very latest technology used at Image by Laser is the Quantum Intense Pulsed Light device – a safe, effective method for permanent hair reduction. The Quantum is a powerful machine and generally requires few treatments to get the same results as other machines. This is beneficial for you and for the huge cost savings it offers. You should be wary of cheap prices because, in the long run, they could cost you more.

"Both men and women are finding out how easy the treatments can be," Image by Laser's owner Melinda Elford says. "The technology used is more advanced than laser and more suitable to treating a large variety of skin and hair colors.

"The technology works effectively by penetrating the top layer of the skin, with a specific wavelength of light targeting melanin in the hair follicle. This, in turn, damages and destroys the regrowth potential of the hair follicle." The treatment is safe, non- invasive and not downtime is involved, "Melinda says.

The treatments are suitable for all areas, from large sections such as the legs, or back, to the smaller delicate areas, such as around the eyes, or upper lip, their trained specialists will use FDA / TGA-approved computer regulated equipment to deliver pulses of light directly into the follicle, safely and permanently removing the hair, while leaving the skin undamaged.

"The results are great for people who suffer with ingrown hairs or people who suffer with hormonal hair problems." Image by Laser are specialists in hair removal treatments.

They are one of Queensland's leading cosmetic clinics. "All of our clinics treat our clients with the utmost respect and confidence. Be wary of cheap prices because it will cost you more in the end," she says.

For further proof of what a great treatment it is, Image by Laser has some very happy clients. Take Joe, 43, for instance: "The treatments on my back are very impressive. Now it's not an issue. My confidence has been lifted and I feel good about myself again. "

Similarly, Patricia, 62, has only good things to say about the whole experience. "After enduring painful waxing treatments on my lip and chin area for many years with no reduction in hair growth, I started to research my other options. I was very happy with the friendly professional attitude of the staff and overjoyed with my treatment outlet – no hair. "

Image by Laser also offers many other fantastic treatments especially good to think about now before summer arrives. Try photo rejuvenation, photo regeneration, acne treatments or their anti-wrinkle options to have your skin looking its very best. It's a great reminder that you do not just have to accept the skin you're in, there are great ways to improve it so you can enjoy that morning mirror meeting more and more. Plus, they offer to-die-for facials. And, given their credentials, you know you're giving your face the best treat possible.