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If you are starting a business online, you may have heard the term "SEO" and you might be wondering what it is. SEO is one of the most important skills you need to learn in order to have a successful business online. SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization." This sounds complicated to any person who is unfamiliar with it, so I will break it down for you.

First, let's talk about the "search engine" part of SEO, what it is, and how it will be used in your business. A search engine is the means by which people search the internet for a specific purpose. There are different search engines on the internet, but the most popular one is "Google". If you have ever heard someone say, "Just Google it" what they are referring to is a place (or search engine) you can go to on the internet to find just about anything you could ever wish to search for. Here one can search for anything such as recipes, books, phone numbers, answers to just about any question known to man, or the business or service you are offering.

So, a search engine (ie Google) is the means by which you can search for just about anything on the internet. The old days of using phone books are just about gone. Most people now just search for what they want on the internet using the search engines, so you NEED customers to find you there if you want to have a successful business.

The "optimization" part of the SEO term is what you really need to know about for your business. What this means is that you want to be able to get your business ranked high in the search engines in order for people who are searching for what you have to offer will find it quickly when they type in those words that clearly reflect your product or service . In other words, if you are in the carpet cleaning business, you want potential customers to find you easily when they type in "carpet cleaners" in the search engines. If you have learned how to "optimize" your website to rank high in the search engines, your carpet cleaning website will be one of the first carpet cleaning businesses that they see in their search.

Once you improve your site's web ranking in the search engines, your site will now be easier to locate on the web, and it will be a safe bet that there will be a significant change in the amount of visits from potential customers that your site can get. Keep in mind that making your site easier to find makes a whole lot of difference for your business' survival, especially for those based online.

Now that you know what SEO is, learning how the entire SEO system works is your next step in managing your online business or website, especially for a beginner such as yourself. Understanding how it works can help you determine what other steps you need to take in order to fully realize and take advantage of the entire SEO process in turning your business into a complete online success. To learn more about the SEO process visit My HOME Online .

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