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Social media means promoting your sites, construction of words, pictures; audio and it also define as a form of media that contains information around the globe. Social media uses a highly accessible publishing technique (monologue or one sender to many) to broadcast information all over the entire network in the fastest way. One of the components of social media is social authority. Social authority is a persona in the internet. A person who can easily sell and endorse a product and he has a high popularity standard so it's easy for him to influence other.

A simple media can be sent in different formats such as Blogging, Advertising, Social marketing, Social book marking, videos and many more. Other people treat social media as another channel of marketing but in fact, its NOT.

There are 2 kinds of media influence r; the anti-social media and pro-social media.

• Anti-social media– these are people who hate those companies treat social media as a new channel of advertising because of broadcasting some media that does not relate to their title and the contents are different such as those imaginary sites. Marketers do not understand where to talk and listen at the same time so it comes back in the 1st place where in people much prefer to read books rather than searching in the internet.

• Pro-social media– are the one's much preferred to search in the internet rather than read books or encyclopedia or vise versa. Social media tools are free that's why 9 out of 10 people all over the globe uses social media tools such as the following:

Kinds of social media tools:

Twitter-there is already a micro blog environment in this site to communicate with the resellers and vendors about special pricing.

You Tube- resellers can view on everything from changing, instructions, news, etc. they can even answer "how to" just by watching a video.

Tactical sites-There are hundreds of free sites to perform and post presentations, white papers, documentation, etc. so they are easily to find and linked to on-line communities or emails.

Face book- this site is once a private or personal site but now, it is a part of media marketing. Vendors, sellers, and customers are scrambling to update their profiles, change their pictures, to make them more interesting.

Blogs-here, dealers rarely in resellers for information as their primary reference in advertising a product.

(These are just examples of media tools)

Why companies treat social media as a marketing channel and what's their motive?

1. Public reactions

2. Customer service

3. Collaboration

4. Loyalty

5. Networking

6. Leadership

Some tactics to be a good marketer:

• Create uniqueness in selling your product on-line.

• Show the product in individual pages. It's easier to sell and promote a product one by one.

• Show the full details about the product. Lack of details leads you to failure.

• Provide some free offers to your customer. One example is free report, free customer service 24/7 or whatever you can give that makes them hard to ignore.

• Be PATIENT, be TRUE, and do not LIE.

• Do not promise such things that you can not do just to please your customer.

• Be flexible to the possible things might happen.

• Be a positive thinker! You can not reach any success if you're a negative thinker.

• Make an article / blog about your product and submit it to all possible social media sites so it's easy to find by buyers.

• Understand your customers. Let them ask you questions and answer in right pitch.

Things to keep in mind when marketing:




• Hope is not a strategy.

• Ask for help or advice if you need it.

• Stop thinking campaigns, start thinking conversations.

Always remember that social media is not the answer to everything. Social media helps small businesses to grow with the use of the internet to promote and sell products in different countries around the globe with the help of these social web sellers and to advertise your item.

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