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What is Social Media? Learn the Secrets to Dominate the Competition

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In: Social Media

Social media is a term which collectively refers to hundreds of popular websites, including Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube and LinkedIn, among others. These social media sites make it easy for people to connect online with people they already know. Their real power, however, lies in their ability to facilitate networking among people who previously did not know each other and may live half a world away. In other words, they allow you to develop social networks which would otherwise not be possible.

SM sites have become wildly popular with teenagers and young adults, and interest in them is currently at a frenzy. But even though these networks platforms originally were oriented more towards the young, the benefits they can deliver are becoming more widely known among people in other age groups. As a result, social media sites are catching on with older people, too. Eager participants now include people in every age range, from pre-teens to octogenarians. Businesses also have jumped on the social media bandwagon after seeing benefits in the form of increased traffic and profits. Participating social media members now include huge multinational corporations, small HOME-based businesses and every type of company in between.

Joining a SM website is easy: just create an account on the site you choose. The only things you typically need to get started are a username and password you select, along with an email address. Set up a profile that describes you or your business. Include a photo in your profile if you can, because people like to see who they are connecting with. That's it – now you're ready to join in. Post articles, blogs and other comments, and connect yourself with the world.

If you want to develop new friends and interact with them on an immediate basis, social media websites are perfect. And if your company wants to generate more potential customers or build a professional online presence, social media platforms have become an essential business tool for generating interest and profit.