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Undeniably, Social Media has evolved at the speed of light and continues to evolve further as we speak. It has become the most common way for a man to interact in terms of personal, as well as business communication. With introduction of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc, our perspective on what the web can do has completely flipped. And because of its continuously evolving nature, many digital marketers are still finding it difficult to measure its complete potential.

With the growing demand of consumers online, the growth rate of virtual sales has far exceeded than that of the real world. This not only signifies how dependent people are getting on technology for the comfort it provides on the screen, but also the importance for businesses to keep up with the trend to take advantage of the opportunity to stay ahead of their competitors. And this requires an appropriate social media marketing strategy.

These three magical words, Social Media Marketing is a form of internet marketing to make communication with mass and establishing branding goals through social sharing of content, videos and images.

But before you begin with the digital media campaign, it is important to brainstorm about the goals that you would like to achieve. Like, who would be your targeted audience? What social media platforms could you find the targeted audience on? What kind of communication would you like to set up through your content, etc.

One of the main advantages of social media is its ability to interact both ways. To use this feature effectively, you first need to find the right kind of audience. And to do that you need to figure out the right kind of social media platform for your business.

Facebook: With its casual and friendly environment, it requires an active strategy which starts with creating a Facebook Fan Page. You might want to pay close attention to the layout, as visual component is the main aspect of the Facebook experience. And since it is a place for people to go chat with friends and relax, it is advised to keep the tone light and friendly.

Twitter: With its vast capacity to broadcast your updates across the web in an instant, it revolves around dialogue and communication. Follow tweeters from relevant industries and you should gain a steady stream of followers in return. It is advised to mix up your tweets with specials, discounts and news updates with some fun and quirky tweets; and be sure to tweet when a customer has something nice to say about your service.

YouTube: Number one site when it comes to video content, many businesses create videos aiming for them to go viral; chances of which are pretty slim. It is strongly advised to create videos with useful and how-to-do content. How-to-do videos have more chances of showing up on a higher ranking on Google than the rest.

LinkedIn: This professional site is a great avenue for entering into a competent discussion with people from similar backgrounds. Since it encourages a dialogue with like-minded people, LinkedIn is a great place to gain credibility for your business.

Coastal Media Brand

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