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I always appreciate when I meet people on the Internet who out-rightly say that they have spent more money on AdWords than they have made!

Many people especially authors of AdWords manuals are helping Google to make yet more millions daily on AdWords, by telling lies about how they are making a fortune with Google AdWords and that their manuals can teach you how to do same. Come on! Google is already making more than $10.000.000 daily on AdWords thanks to people like you who are buys miss representing AdWords. Give me a break.

I can assure you that more than 80 percent of all those who claim that they are making money from AdWords are just telling lies.

Even some of those who have written AdWords manuals are not making a profit from AdWords. I can assure you that and I know many of them who are my personal friends!

I am not trying to say that people don’t make money from AdWords. People do make money, but most of those who make money don’t go around singing it on the Internet that they make money from It.

Like It or not, success with AdWords depends so much on luck! Yes Luck. And I will say this anywhere, even right to Perry Marshall’s face.

Let me tell you a short story. Once I launched an AdWords campaign. For the 1st week, I Incurred 50 click, made 5 sales! And gain about $295. I did not change anything on the campaign and it ran for another 2 months and generated well over 1100 more clicks but made no more sales. So what happened? Some AdWords gurus will tell me that the product must have gone out of the market. But that is not true because this product was still ranked with Clickbank as one the best selling products!

AdWords Is 60% luck and just 40% optimization!!! Let all the gurus keep on pitching their crappy AdWords manuals and keep helping Google to make their daily $10.000.000. But you now know the truth after reading this article.

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