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If a relationship coach salary is a measure of success, then the question becomes: How successful do you want to be as a relationship coach?

What is a Relationship Coach Salary?

When discussing salaries in the coaching field, any discussion has to also include how much entrepreneurs make. Coaching is a field that lends itself to self-employment. So, any discussion of salary would include how much someone makes when they work for a coaching firm or large corporation, and it would also include self-employment income.

Can You Choose Your Relationship Coaching Salary?

You can’t really choose your salary, but you can certainly have a say in how much money you will eventually make. How do you do that, you ask? Doesn’t a salary or income depend on experience, how much a company pays, how many clients you can get, what area you’re in, and other factors?

Yes, to all of the above, and more. Salary does depend on many factors, but you have control over so many of those factors that you can virtually decide how much you want your relationship coach salary to be.

6 Ways to Boost Your Relationship Coach Salary

  1. Get certified by an accredited coaching program. No, you don’t have to be certified to be a coach. Anyone can call themselves a coach, but individuals who pursue certification and education will appear more professional to clients.
  2. Group coaching. It is more time effective to coach s group of people than to coach individual sessions. You charge each person in the group less, but you make more per hour, and eventually make more per year.
  3. Multiple streams of income. Here is where the money comes pouring in. This is an excellent way to augment and boost your relationship coach salary or income. Your multiple streams of income can include, workshops, eBooks, seminars, books, DVDs, and seminars. Multiple streams of income is how superstar coaches make the big money. The more pistons you have pumping, the more power your engine will have.
  4. Offer special packages. Don’t just offer your services by the hour or month – offer longer-term packages. These not only increase your income, they also increase your value as a coach as long-term clients will usually achieve better results.
  5. Invest in your business. Make sure to put some money back into your business. Advertise, market, network, build a better website, continuing your education, hire an SEO or social media expert, or find other ways to invest in growing your business.
  6. Offer free session to your target market. Offering free sessions doesn’t make you more money immediately, but if you give away your best coaching, you’ll find people coming back for much more – for a fee! You can also offer free sessions to your community. This altruistic method of coaching is not only good for the community, it is also a form of advertising.

Your relationship coach salary or income will depend on various factors. Though some may be out of your control, most of them are entirely dependent on things you do. Can you just select a number and get it for your coaching salary? Well… not exactly. But, with effort, patience, and persistence, you can.

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