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Hacking has been one of the serious dangers posed by the technological developments in the communication industry. The truth is that hacking has been threatening humans from a long time now but due to developments in communications and the dawn of internet, hacking has gained a new life in the form of internet hacking. Internet makes it possible for hacking to reach new heights. Here's a definition of hacking:

What is Hacking?

Hacking is the process of making changes to a program in order to achieve your goal aloof from the original creator's objective. A hacker is someone who engages in these activities. Hacker's are usually expert programmers. In simple words, it is the process of making use of other's resources for your own purpose without their approval. It's no different than stealing.

Computer Hacked: What to do

Is your computer hacked? What to do now? The truth is that computer hacking is so dreaded that it can make anyone nervous. The dangers of hacking make it so frightening that it is a nightmare for any computer user. The dangers range from the theft of personal information to the misuse of resources. Imagine an intruder accessing your personal information and using it for his own false objectives. The picture is not so beautiful. Not only individual computer users but even adults are not safe. So what should you do if you're actually made a victim by hackers. Here's a little checklist:

  • The first thing you should do is to turn off your computer system. This will give you time to think and get your nerves. This will also save your computer from further damage.
  • Backup your important files on an external hard drive to ensure that you do not lose any precious data in case your computer dies.
  • The second step is one of the most important of the process. The second step involves the shutting off of all of all your internet connection. This step will cut you off from the hackers reach and protect you from further penetration of the hacker. However, do not think of it as the permanent solution your problem as this will only protect you from hacker's further intrusion but the running processes will continue.
  • If your computer is hacked, then now you need to scan your computer with an antivirus software to scan your entitlement memory and detect infected files. Repair them with your antivirus software or just delete them.
  • Some hackers even delete or disable your security programs. If that's the case with you than go for wiping your whole memory. Format your hard drive and reinstall your operating system. This is a painful step but the most effective one. I recommend consulting a professional first.


If your computer is hacked , its important to hold your nerves in order to choose the best possible solution for your problem. Hacking is a nuisance. With these simple basic steps, I hope you'll be able to recover from any danger the intruder has posed.

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