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As part of socializing your puppies, it is but normal to let them engage in play with other dogs, but the one thing that you may have to anticipate is them contracting kennel cough from their canine friends. This is caused by airborne virus which gets into his trachea and results to runny nose, sneezing and persistent coughing. Kennel cough got its name because it often results when dogs gather during a kennel or a dog show.

You would know that your young puppy is infected with kennel cough if you hear it coughing, as if clearing his throat. The coughing may seem more persistent as days pass by, and may worsen, leading to vomiting. Your puppy may not get enough sleep because of coughing all through the night, and may result to some complications such as low appetite, loss of energy and may also run a fever. If your pup suddenly vomits with a lot of mucus in it, this is a sure sign that you need to take him to a veterinarian, as ordinary cough suppressants may no longer work for him.

A Visit To The Vet

Aside from your dog’s regular check up, you need to take him to the vet as soon as he shows some signs of kennel cough, before the condition worsens. Your vet may prescribe some cough suppressants and will suggest complete rest, away from other dogs.

This may also indicate that your dog has not been getting enough nutrients from his regular dog food supply, and your vet may suggest some vitamin supplements that will restore his immunity from diseases. You can also ask your vet for HOMEopathy natural remedies for your dog’s kennel cough, which usually aim to improve your dog’s resistance to diseases.

What You Can Do

Aside from taking your puppy to the vet, you should monitor him, especially through the night, check his temperature and see to it that he takes his medications on time. Give your puppy plenty of liquids as well, to flush out the mucus and to keep him hydrated.

As soon as he regains back his strength, give him some regular exercise through daily walks and an occasional run in the park that will increase his energy and stamina.

Dogs will not tell you when they’re sick, although they usually display lethargy and often sleep a lot when they are not feeling well. Look for these common signs and symptoms of kennel cough and take your dog to the vet to attend to his condition right away.

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