What You Have to Do In Designing a Money Making Site

What You Have to Do In Designing a Money Making Site

What You Have to Do In Designing a Money Making Site

It is highly important that you develop a perfect plan before embarking on anything. Planning is one of the most important first steps in anything you want to engage in. It is the basic concept applicable to every situation. Planning decreases your business financial risk drastically.

Decide on an idea and have a target of what your money making site will look like based on the product or service you want to render and develop content for your idea.

Create a table or edit a website template using any of the available web design software.

Add content and insert images, pictures, icons, graphics as well as installing plug ins. You should also establish links and review all the links you place on your website.

Domain name is your unique website name or address. This name help visitors find you easily. The type of domain name you choose may determine if your site wills sell or not. With startup site, you want to make sure the domain name is very good and your design is eye catching. Always use a very good keyword as your domain name.

There are many registrars you can use to register a domain name.

If you want to flip your site for sale, do not go for domain because web investors always domain while domain sells like hot cake.

Give your website a simple but clear name to be registered with any web solutions provider. The name will be something like this:,,,, or

Hosting space is like a plot of land where you want to build your website. The space or size depends on the nature of your website. A web solution provider will help solve any problem on hosting.

One big requirement of successful on-line business is opening a domiciliary account. This is where your check from Google, ClickBank, eBay and many other on-line transactions will be processed. It is also important to open account with PayPal, Liberty Reserve and Alert Pay to receive money earned doing business on-line.

Set up a Google AdSense account to monetize your website. Sign up for a Google AdSense account, create your ads types and features, and obtain codes. Insert your Google AdSense codes on your website. Keep to the term and conditions. Later preview your website to see the ads by Google.

Advertise your website, by sending e-mails to friends, advertise on a newspaper ads etc. If you are designing money making sites, you can write articles and send to article directories.

You can also use words of mouth or any other profitable means to promote your site. Then monitor your account regularly.

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