What You Need To Know About Air Hockey Tables

What You Need To Know About Air Hockey Tables

Air hockey is one of the most entertaining games that can be played by kids and adults alike. Each game is very short, exciting and fast-paced, requiring a player to score only 7 goals to win. In fact, there are times when the puck moves too fast and becomes a mere blur. It requires quick action and quick thinking, keeping you on your feet and even on your toes. Playing the game makes you so into it that you won’t even notice that you have been playing for a long time. There is nothing not to like about the game. Unlike pool which requires a certain degree of skill to play, air hockey can be played by anyone regardless of skill. It only takes a few seconds to learn the rules of the game and only a few minutes to play like a real pro.

Everyone should seriously consider getting an air hockey table. In fact, many people have which is why there are now several websites which sell tables online. But before you click and buy away, make sure you are prepared to own one.

Where To Put the Table

Make sure you have adequate room for it. It is not enough to do some quick estimates. What will you do when the table arrives and then you find out that there is not enough space in your house for one? To avoid this predicament, you must first identify the area where you intend to put the table. The next step would be to carefully and accurately measure this area. It is ideal also to allot adequate space around the table so that the room will not look cramped and, more importantly, people would still be able to move around the room without bumping into the table or other things. It is also important not to put any breakable items near and around the table. There is always a risk of hitting the puck too hard and making it fly off the table. When this happens, the puck might hit other nearby objects. There is also the possibility that one of the players might get too excited and knock off things with his hands or legs. There have also been instances when the mallet is accidentally released by the player and is sent off flying across the room.

Choosing the Best Table

The most important feature of an air hockey table is its air blower. It has to have a very good air blower to ensure that there will constantly be enough air on the surface of the table. Lack of air or an intermittent blowing of air will prevent the puck from freely gliding or hovering over the surface of the table. Friction will work against the movement of the puck and the game will not be as enjoyable as it should be. The best kind of air blower is the commercial grade type. As far as other features are concerned like electronic scoring, table lights and automatic puck return, these are merely optional and will not affect the quality of the table. However, if you have money to spare, it is also advisable to get these additional features as these will definitely increase the enjoyment level of the game.