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What's New in HTML5 for SEO?

HTML 5 is XML based presentation language used on World Wide Web for structuring and presenting content. Visual and audio elements are easier to code in HTML 5 and less time is wasted writing JavaScript for animations. HTML 5 has many new concepts which will be more beneficial to Web Developers and Designers. Web designing done with the help HTML 5 will make them very independent and they will not have to do more coding overall as there is no need of scripting for validation.

HTML 5 has introduced new HTML tags and a new feature of page segmentation which now with HTML 5 Web Design allow applying page segmentation. These new HTML tags are used to segment a page from different elements which will affect SEO practices.

We will see how these new HTML tags affect SEO work:

Article tag can be used in article which makes HTML code clean and reduces use of tag which basically separates segments of the article. This leads to increase in rank in search engine with the use of on-page Search Engine Optimization.

Due to use of Section tag each section of the content of the article can be separated which gives the benefit of different HTML heading for each section.

A new Header tag is most useful for SEO practice as it gives lots of flexibility. It is very much similar to tag but it has lots of stuff like H 1, H 2, H 3 elements, whole paragraphs of text, hard-coded links, and other information. Footer tag is also useful to store some important information which can be useful for SEO.

Nav tag is the most important tag from the SEO point of view as it can be used to identify a collection of links which are on other pages.

These are only some of the new tags introduced in HTML 5 which will be advantageous for SEO practice in some way.

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